Aircraft Appraisals

With over 18 years of experience in the general and corporate aviation industry, we know the market and selling value of an aircraft.  Ultra Aviation’s regular involvement in and comprehensive knowledge of the market for personal and business aircraft qualifies us to provide expert, accurate and well-informed opinions as to their value for resale or valuation purposes.

We use a sophisticated model to quantify the multitude of factors that impact present and future values of aircraft.  Compiled information includes: comparable transactions, historic trends, operation and economic efficiency, technical and environmental factors, as well as anticipated future trends and trend modeling.

We provide this vital service to parties that have an interest in what their assets may be worth, including buyers, financial institutions, shared-aircraft or partnership participants and insurance companies.

We are experienced in producing detailed reports for aircraft being offered to the market, as well as for aircraft that are currently operating under lease or financed sale structures.

Contact us to discuss our appraisal and evaluation services.  We offer several types of appraisals and reports: 

Desktop Valuation Report

This detailed analysis provides a current fair market value of the subject aircraft.  It will depict future trends, a comparison of the number of competing aircraft for sale in relation to the number of aircraft produced, and provide a summary of aircraft that have sold in the previous 6-12 months.

Analytic detail pertaining to the reported condition of the aircraft and logs are provided by the client or designated 3rd party.  The information provided is documented and researched to insure it is as accurate as possible without the appraiser actually physically inspecting the aircraft.  The Market Summary and Valuation Report presents the valuation methodology and factors that are considered in the course of reaching the values presented.

A desktop valuation report is suitable for establishing or negotiating a purchase price for an aircraft.  This report is not be acceptable when dealing with government agencies, settling legal disputes, or for financing purposes since an “interested party” submits the information about the aircraft.

A detailed report is provided via email and a certified original copy is mailed.

Market Summary Report

This product involves a physical fair market inspection of the aircraft, audit of aircraft flight logs, aircraft and engine maintenance records and related FAA records. Current Fair Market Value is determined by specific characteristics of the aircraft that is a result of an evaluation of its condition and history using the Valuation report method.  A detailed report, including aircraft model history, extensive photographs of the aircraft condition, features and log records are provided via email with certified original copy mailed.

Aircraft Collateral Verification & Audit

This report is characterized by the absence of the assignment of a Current Fair Market Value to the aircraft. We conduct an on-site inspection of the aircraft and audit of aircraft logs and records. The detailed report includes extensive photographs of the aircraft condition, features and log records are provided via email with certified original copy mailed.  The sole purpose of this product is to verify the existence and general physical condition of an aircraft and its logs.

Diminution of Value

Diminution of value is extremely subjective and requires an on-site inspection of the aircraft and audit of log books and related records. A complete review of the damage inflicted to the aircraft is investigated. Accident and damage reports are reviewed and conclusions are presented in a restricted summary report. This report is not intended to be used as a tool to determine the airworthiness or serviceability of the aircraft. The sole purpose of this report is to verify damage and report, if any, diminution of value.

Piper Releases AD for PA46 Series

Piper Aircraft release of a Mandatory Service Bulletin (MSB) affecting the entire PA46 fleet including the Matrix, Mirage, and Meridian series aircraft has become an AD as of July 10, 2013.  Click here for the AD details.

NTSB Cautions About NEXRAD

(NTSB) cautions pilots about in-cockpit (NEXRAD)

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is cautioning pilots to be aware that in-cockpit Next Generation Radar (NEXRAD) information can be up to 15-20 minutes older than indicated on the display and that relying on such information for real-time reports can cause safety problems when aircraft are transiting fast-moving weather systems.

Selling an Aircraft

Marketing & selling an aircraft is a complex project, learn how we connect buyers with your aircraft.

Buying an Aircraft

Acquisitions are the cornerstone of our business.  Our experience and market knowledge will locate the Best Buy in the marketplace.

Aircraft Management

Our customized aircraft management service offers comprehensive benefits to both personal and business aircraft owners..