Marketing & Sales

Connecting Buyers and Sellers

Marketing and selling an aircraft can be a very complex and time-consuming project.  Individuals and companies alike unanimously agree that the two most difficult tasks are qualifying prospective buyers and navigating the closing process.

At Ultra Aviation, buying and selling aircraft is what we do everyday.  To maximize the selling price of your aircraft, we offer a comprehensive and innovative web-based marketing campaign and cross-promote your aircraft in both the U.S. and international marketplace. 

Our marketing and industry resources enable us to reach the widest audience of qualified buyers, resulting in the greatest number of successful transactions at the highest market value.  

Increasing Value Through Market Knowledge
On a daily basis we track several key indexes that influence market prices, including manufacture backlog and deliveries, dealer inventory levels and new and previously sold aircraft.  We also have access to private or end user transactions.  Based on the total number of aircraft for sale, we can identify pricing trends and measure the impact that it will have on future resale levels.


Meeting Buyers’ Needs

Prospective buyers often present their own set of challenges, therefore we have developed a unique buyer’s purchase program aimed at bringing greater resale value to our client’s aircraft while assisting buyers through the various phases of the purchase process.

Through our Ultra Ownership Package™ prospective buyers benefit from an all-inclusive service to assist them with their purchase requirements and overcome the common barriers to successfully own and operate a personal and business aircraft.  This program coupled with our extensive experience working with first-time buyers, transitioning owners and international customers increase the probability of your aircraft being sold for a higher selling price, and in less time. 

The Ultra Ownership Package™ includes the following resources and industry alliances:





  • Exporting and Importing Services


Aircraft Trades
Almost 40% of all buyers have a trade-in aircraft.  With our market knowledge and financial strength we have the ability to inventory most aircraft trades.  We also recognize that in accepting trade aircraft, we will complete more transactions for our client’s aircraft.

UAS is a leading authority on resale market pricing for aircraft that are 10 years old or newer within the high performance piston through medium size jet categories.  We know the aircraft and the markets and can our expertise to maximize the selling price of your aircraft. 

Our comprehensive and customized re-marketing plan is the key to connecting buyers with your aircraft:

  • We listen to your needs, define your selling requirements and timing goals
  • Provide an Aircraft Market Analysis Report of the current market conditions
  • Assess your aircraft's unique features versus the competition
  • Recommend an appropriate initial asking price
  • Design a marketing brochure depicting your aircraft with photographs and a detailed equipment list.  Outlining features, options and performance.
  • Create a marketing schedule and advertising plan to feature your aircraft through online media and in the most widely read aviation media publications.
  • Promote your aircraft through targeted direct mail, email campaigns, online media, and JetNet listing service
  • Develop direct mail campaigns to target current aircraft owners who have historically upgraded or downsized to your specific aircraft model
  • Produce monthly aircraft reports covering the market conditions, prospective buyers, and recommendations
  • Follow up on all inquiries and conduct sales presentations with qualified buyers
  • Coordinate all viewings and demonstration flights
  • Communicate, advise, and negotiate offers to purchase, Letters of Intent (LOI), Purchase and Sale Agreement and escrow structure
  • Review tax issues and other issues that may impact the aircraft sale
  • Identify and oversee technical and pre-purchase inspection
  • Negotiate discrepancy resolutions and initiate delivery events
  • Augment escrow closing, delivery acceptance, warranty bill of sale and additional FAA documentation

If you are considering placing your aircraft on the market or would like to discuss the current market conditions, contact us today.

Piper Releases AD for PA46 Series

Piper Aircraft release of a Mandatory Service Bulletin (MSB) affecting the entire PA46 fleet including the Matrix, Mirage, and Meridian series aircraft has become an AD as of July 10, 2013.  Click here for the AD details.

NTSB Cautions About NEXRAD

(NTSB) cautions pilots about in-cockpit (NEXRAD)

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is cautioning pilots to be aware that in-cockpit Next Generation Radar (NEXRAD) information can be up to 15-20 minutes older than indicated on the display and that relying on such information for real-time reports can cause safety problems when aircraft are transiting fast-moving weather systems.

Selling an Aircraft

Marketing & selling an aircraft is a complex project, learn how we connect buyers with your aircraft.

Buying an Aircraft

Acquisitions are the cornerstone of our business.  Our experience and market knowledge will locate the Best Buy in the marketplace.

Aircraft Management

Our customized aircraft management service offers comprehensive benefits to both personal and business aircraft owners..